Our existence goes beyond cashflow

I am fascinated by the miracle we call life. We live in a world that’s sometimes stranger than science-fiction — universes that keep expanding, growing complexity and equations behind everything we do — I sometimes linger on the existential questions of humankind. As an individual I am on a quest for exploration, growth, and understanding. My drive originates from a limitless vision on what is possible. With human creativity, inventive power, and optimism I believe that no challenge is too great for our species.

– Benno Bastiaan Schilder, Founder and Visionary of BrainDecrypters


Our Mission

Revolutionize how businesses resonate with the world around them and give them THE ultimate competitive advantage through data insights, creative problem solving, neuropsychology, neuroscience, and proven business success formulas. We are here to serve positive change makers of today and tomorrow.

Our Vision

We believe in a world of innovation, creativity and freedom.
We inspire and explore what is not yet known. We bring radical new ideas, concepts and services to life. We feel connected to you.. the visionary, inventor and dreamer. We do ‘impossible’ things with the help of extraordinary people.

Our Story


Benno Bastiaan Schilder founded BrainDecrypters in 2016 because he saw an opportunity; The need for a holistic approach to organizational success.

The HSM-6™ model applies:

  • Neuroscience
  • Applied psychology
  • Behavioral Economics
  • World-class Business Knowledge
  • Data science
  • Creative thinking
  • Innovative opportunities

To the six vital business areas:


With the HSM™ model a 360° approach is now possible. Instead of trying to fix and optimize just one area, you can now apply a holistic system for analyzing and optimizing your organization, unlike any other system in the world.

We learn from world-class people in our fields

  • Tony Robbins – The #1 personal, motivation and business coach in the world. Famous public speaker, Author and Mentor of many royals, actors and change makers of this world.
  • Dr. Robert Cialdini – Number #1 expert on persuasion and influencing, best selling author
  • Marshall Goldsmith –  The world-class authority on leadership, management and positive behavioral change
  • Daniel Shapiro – Harvard professor, #1 expert on human relationships and communication
  • Dan Pena – The 50 Billion dollar man and creator of Quantum Leap Advantage, Mentor of many successful entrepreneurs
  • Dan Lok – #1 High-ticket sales authority in the world, international author, TedX speaker, Media celebrity
  • Dan Ariely –  Professor (PhD) of Psychology and Behavioral Economics, Worldwide authority on Behavioral Economics 
  • Dr. Ben Tiggelaar – Bestselling author, behavioral scientist and the most sought-after speaker in the Netherlands for change and leadership.
  • Michael Pilarczyk – Spiritual life & business teacher, inspirator, writer and speaker
  • Boris Nikolai Konrad, PhD – The international expert on memory improvement. Guinness World Record holder for memory, Neuroscientist, Author. 
  • Steven van Belleghem – Thought leader on the transformation of customer relationships and the future of marketing
  • Richard van Hooijdonk – International keynote speaker, trend watcher and futurist
  • Kim Spinder – Expert on innovation, public speaker, winner of prestigious Harvard M-Prize award for Management Innovation
  • Leo Gura – Popular life coach and self-development expert
  • Annalisa Maffey – Tony Robbins Success Coach