You Say You Want A Revolution in your market segment? Now there is no excuse to not fuel greatness.
Through Dedication. Passion. Knowledge. We welcome you to the impossible made possible.

It is with pride that we introduce the ultimate solution for influencers and changemakers around the world.
NMX is NOT just a program, it is our constant pursuit for perfection.

Our holistic vision creates radical new ways of thinking.  It exhibits extraordinary ways for organizations to transform their interactions with the world around them.

We are proud to announce a product unlike anything available on the market today. Even calling NMX a product might be the biggest understatement for what was needed to create such an ambitious marvel of creative & scientific power.

We strived for an order of magnitude higher than that of conventional courses. Exploring the depths of our true selves and the unknowns of our industry was needed to make a radical paradigm shift.

It will not stop here, it will never end. We are here to create the pinnacle of persuasive power through exploration, innovation, and determination.  Our NMX-line is continually evolving and growing to always stay on top.

Perhaps the most ambitious part of our NMX academy is NMX-98.
It represents a cost-no-object transformation for those who want to create impossible change and embrace a limitless approach.

What you will discover in NMX-98 is a powerful combination of science, psychology and distinctive new ideas. Embedded in NMX-98 is access to our leading-edge team. We will guide you towards a future you never imagined possible.

Our mission with NMX is moving you closer to the theoretical ideal of limitless Neuromarketing. We want to empower you with capabilities which allow you to surpass competitive organizations and deliver superior results.

Our NMX-program is not only groundbreaking. It starts out very affordable.

Pricing overview below – All mentioned prices are in Euros and exclude 21% VAT. Dutch (NL) orders are TAX deductible.
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Availability of NMX
Coming in 2019

Our program is NOT for everyone. It is only for those who want to IMPACT the world in a positive way


Available: AUTUMN 2019


Our NMX-9 and flagship NMX-98 include access to new cutting-edge knowledge, models, systems and ideas straight from our leading-edge team. We bring the incredible power of NMX to a broad range of change-makers at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

Are you willing to make an investment to impact future generations? 

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Our two top-tier NMX products are only for those who understand the responsibility and greatness of having access to information like ours. By applying you may have direct access to cutting-edge information. 

We kindly ask you to provide us with as much detail as possible to asses your application. 

Our NMX-8 program is accessible to anyone who intents to use our program ethically.